Source code for janis_core.tool.test_classes

import re
from enum import Enum
from typing import Optional, Dict, Any, Callable, Union, List

[docs]class TTestPreprocessor(Enum): """ An Enum class for a list of possible pre-processing we can do to output values """ Value = "value" FileDiff = "file-diff" LinesDiff = "lines-diff" FileContent = "file-content" FileExists = "file-exists" FileSize = "file-size" FileMd5 = "file-md5" LineCount = "line-count" ListSize = "list-size" ListOfFilesExist = "list-of-files-exist" ListOfFilesTotalSize = "list-of-files-total-size"
[docs]class TTestExpectedOutput(object): """ Describe the logic on how to test the expected output of a test case. A test case can have multiple instances of this class to test different output or different logic of the same output """ def __init__( self, tag: str, preprocessor: Union[TTestPreprocessor, Callable[[Any], Any]], operator: Callable[[Any, Any], bool], expected_value: Optional[Any] = None, expected_file: Optional[str] = None, file_diff_source: Optional[str] = None, array_index: Optional[int] = None, suffix_secondary_file: Optional[str] = None, preprocessor_params: Optional[Dict] = {}, ): """ :param tag: output field name :type tag: str :param preprocessor: one of the TTestValuePreProcessor or a function to do the pre-processing of the output value :type preprocessor: Union[TTestPreprocessor, Callable] :param operator: A callable function to compare output value and expected value :type operator: Callable[[Any, Any], bool] :param expected_value: the value expected output :type expected_value:Optional[Any] :param expected_file: the file path to the value of expected output :type expected_file: Optional[str] :param file_diff_source: the file path to the source file for file diff comparison :type file_diff_source: Optional[str] :param array_index: an integer to represent the index of the element we want to test (for array output only) :type array_index: Optional[int] :param suffix_secondary_file: additional file :type suffix_secondary_file: Optional[str] :param preprocessor_params: additional parameters for preprocessors :type preprocessor_params: Optional[Dict] """ self.tag = tag self.preprocessor = preprocessor self.operator = operator self.expected_value = expected_value # we can have a 'string' expected output stored in a file self.expected_file = expected_file # If the 'compared' type requires us to transform from a different object to expected value # example: # compared: FileDiff # file_diff_source: file path to the expected file # expected_value: values readable by 'operator'. It could be the number of # lines of diff result of expected file and actual file. self.file_diff_source = file_diff_source # if an output is an array, we can look at just 1 item of the array, so here we specify the index self.array_index = array_index # if the compared object is a file, we can add suffix to test secondary files of this file self.suffix = suffix_secondary_file self.preprocessor_params = preprocessor_params self._validate_input() def __repr__(self): repr_expected_value = str(self.expected_value) if self.expected_value is None: repr_expected_value = f"content of {self.expected_file}" repr_preprocessor = str(self.preprocessor) if isinstance(self.preprocessor, TTestPreprocessor): repr_preprocessor = self.preprocessor.value return f"{self.tag}: {repr_preprocessor} {str(self.array_index)+' ' if self.array_index is not None else ''}{self.suffix+' ' if self.suffix is not None else ''}{str(self.operator.__name__)} {repr_expected_value}" def _validate_input(self): if self.expected_value is None and self.expected_file is None: raise Exception( "one of `expected_value` or `expected_file` must not be empty" )
[docs]class TTestCase(object): """ A test case requires a workflow or tool to be run once (per engine). But, we can have multiple output to apply different test logic. """ def __init__( self, name: str, input: Dict[str, Any], output: List[TTestExpectedOutput] ): """ :param name: name of the test case :type name: str :param input: tool input values keyed by its input field name :type input: Dict[str, Any] :param output: List of definitions on how to assert the expected output :type output: List[TTestExpectedOutput] """ # we don't want white space in the test case name if bool("\s", name)): raise Exception(f"No whitespace is allowed in the TestCase name {name}") = name self.input = input self.output = output