Template ID: pawsey

Template for Pawsey. This submits Janis to the longq cluster. There is currently NO support for workflows that run for longer than 4 days, though workflows can be resubmitted after this job dies.

It’s proposed that Janis assistant could resubmit itself


Take note below how to configure the template. This quickstart only includes the fields you absolutely require. This will write a new configuration to ~/.janis.conf. See configuring janis for more information.

janis init pawsey \
    --container_dir <value>

# or to find out more information
janis init pawsey --help

OR you can insert the following lines into your template:

  id: pawsey
  container_dir: <value>



ID Type Documentation
container_dir <class ‘str’> Location where to save and execute containers from


ID Type Default Documentation
intermediate_execution_dir <class ‘str’>    
queues typing.Union[str, typing.List[str]] workq A single or list of queues that woork should be submitted to
singularity_version <class ‘str’> 3.3.0 Version of singularity to load
catch_slurm_errors <class ‘bool’> True Catch Slurm errors (like OOM or walltime)
send_job_emails <class ‘bool’> True (requires to be set) Send emails for mail types END
singularity_build_instructions <class ‘str’> singularity pull $image docker://${docker} Instructions for building singularity, it’s recommended to not touch this setting.
max_cores <class ‘int’> 28 Maximum number of cores a task can request
max_ram <class ‘int’> 128 Maximum amount of ram (GB) that a task can request
submission_queue <class ‘str’> longq Queue to submit the janis ‘brain’ to
max_workflow_time <class ‘int’> 5700