Template ID: wehi


Take note below how to configure the template. This quickstart only includes the fields you absolutely require. This will write a new configuration to ~/.janis.conf. See configuring janis for more information.

janis init wehi \
    --container_dir <value>

# or to find out more information
janis init wehi --help

OR you can insert the following lines into your template:

  id: wehi
  container_dir: <value>



ID Type Documentation
container_dir <class ‘str’>  


ID Type Default Documentation
intermediate_execution_dir <class ‘str’>   A location where the execution should take place
queues typing.Union[typing.List[str], str]   A single or list of queues that woork should be submitted to
singularity_version <class ‘str’> 3.4.1 Version of singularity to load
catch_pbs_errors <class ‘bool’> True Catch PBS errors (like OOM or walltime)
send_job_emails <class ‘bool’> True (requires JanisConfiguration.notifications.email to be set) Send emails for mail types END
build_instructions     Instructions for building singularity, it’s recommended to not touch this setting.
max_cores <class ‘int’> 40 Maximum number of cores a task can request
max_ram <class ‘int’> 256 Maximum amount of ram (GB) that a task can request